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Strangers Rescue Babies From Watery Grave in Texas

t was a scene out of a watery hell: A vehicle flipped over on a flooded Texas highway, Good Samaritans trying desperately to pull two trapped babies.

Image: A man rescues an infant that was trapped after a vehicle flipped over on a flooded highway in Canton

A man rescues a child who was trapped after a vehicle flipped over on a flooded highway in Canton, Texas.Courtesy Thomas Mitchell

May 2, 2017, 1:40 AM GMT+5 / Updated May 2, 2017, 4:30 AM GMT+5

By Emmanuelle Saliba, Euronews, Gabe Gutierrez, Becky Bratu and Corky Siemaszko

It was a scene out of a watery hell: A vehicle flipped over by a flooded Texas highway, good Samaritans trying desperately to pull two trapped babies out, a blaring horn, the crackle of thunder, the desperate cries of rescuers racing against time.

Jaime Martinez, who was heading to a party with a pal on Saturday when he came across the rescue-in-progress, knew just what to do. Thirty years ago, he had been a firefighter in Guatemala, and he never dreamed he would need to tap that training again.

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“It was something that I can’t believe happened,” Martinez, 58 and overcome with emotion, told NBC News on Monday. “People were crying, there was a lot of confusion. The parents were still in the car at the time. Everyone was trying to do as much as they could do.”

The lengths Martinez and the others went to save the children from drowning on a road near Canton, Texas, were captured on a video obtained by NBC News.

“Give me the baby! Give me the baby!” Martinez is heard yelling. “Give me the baby here! Give me the baby!”

Martinez immediately begins performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation while another man can be heard yelling, “C’mon baby! C’mon!”

“In the name of Jesus, give him breath, Lord, give him breath, Lord, in the name of Jesus,” a woman cries out as Martinez tries to breathe life back into the unconscious child.

“Don’t stop,” another desperate man cries out. “Lord! Lord! Please Lord!”

“Breathe in the Lord,” a woman prays while Martinez keeps working on the child. “In the name of Jesus, breathe in the Lord.”

Then, suddenly, good news.

“She is breathing,” a man says. “C’mon baby, you can do it,” a woman says.

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We apologize, this video has expired.

Thanks to Martinez and the other heroes who stepped up to help, 18-month-old Addy Ocheltree and her brother, Marshall, 4 months, survived. Marshall was released from the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. Addy was stable in a hospital, her parents told NBC News.

Phillip Ocheltree, 25, said Monday that it was supposed to have been only a 12-minute drive to a safer location as storms and tornadoes struck the area of Canton, a city of 3,500 residents about 60 miles east of Dallas.

But it started hailing, “and it was already too late at that point,” said his wife, Emily Ocheltree, 21. And then “the truck went sideways and spun and then flipped three times,” she said.

“When we rolled, it broke one window of the door, the passenger rear door,” Phillip Ocheltree said. “And that’s how all the water was coming in to the cab of the truck.”

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